Collision Repair Specialists is a full-service automotive repair shop. We provide all automotive services including:


Our primary focus is on:
  • Knock your socks off customer service
  • All types of automotive body repair
  • Heavy collision repair
  • Custom refinishing – Lifetime warranty
  • Glass replacement – Direct PPG dealer offering insurance company discounts


Extended services include:
  • Preventative Maintenance – Oil changes, Tune-ups, Tires and Tire rotation
  • Brake System Services – Brake Replacement, Discs/Drums, and Fluids
  • Engine/Exhaust services – Leaks, Belts, Hoses, Gaskets, Batteries, and Catalytic Converter/Mufflers
  • Suspension – Alignments, Mount/Balance, Shocks/Struts, Rack and Pinion, and Axles
  • Engine performance – Electrical, Diagnostics, Fuel Injection, Computers, and Steering

Specialty Services include:
  • Racing Setup and Diagnostics
  • Custom Restoration Projects
  • Certified Air Bag Replacement
  • In-house Color Mixing and Matching

Computerized Measuring System

One thing that separates Collision Repair Specialists from other repair shops is the Genesis 2 system.

The Genesis system uses lasers to precisely measure the damage to your vehicle.  It compares the damaged area to the correct specifications of your vehicle.  This system can identify hidden damage so we’ll know exactly what repairs need to be made.  A printout showing your vehicle’s damage is provided along with your estimate.  A second printout is provided once the repairs have been done, so you know exactly what work was performed.

This technology is impressive and just one more thing that we do to ensure your vehicle is in pre-accident condition.

With technology like this and a staff like ours you can’t go wrong with Collision Repair Specialists.

Philosophy-Value Proposition

In this day and age of friction and volatility, Collision Repair Specialists seeks to separate ourselves from the controversial and problematic issues that have existed between “body shops” and the automotive claims departments and personnel.

Collision Repair Specialists strives to be a customer responsive collision repair facility. We focus primarily on the needs of the customer while keeping an eye on the costs involved with an automotive claim.  We want to be known as the value provider, not the low cost provider.

Our long-term goal is to change the attitude that each party brings to the complete collision repair process. While in the past the common view of a “body shop” is one of mistrust, deceit, fraud and combativeness, it is Collision Repair Specialists desire to create a standard of excellence that associates the name “Collision Repair Specialists” with trusted, quality, efficient, customer friendly repairs.

Collision Repair Specialists’ focus will be on repairing collision damaged vehicles as quickly as possible and billing only for parts and services that are necessary to return the vehicle to pre-accident condition. Documentation shows that Collision Repair Specialists excels at repairing vehicles faster than our competition while providing excellent customer service.

Consequently, Collision Repair Specialists does not see developing a voluntary relationship as a point-in-time event. Our facility and personnel believes that an insurance company that wants to work closely with us in the repair of collision damaged vehicles should be involved with us on an ongoing basis.

With this philosophy/value proposition in mind, Collision Repair Specialists invites you to call, come and see us, tour our facility, or any other avenue of communication you wish.

Benefits of our Philosophy/Value Proposition to the Insurance Company
  • Customer retention through service and quality, not price reduction.
  • Less risk of customer loss because of poor facility image or lack of professionalism.
  • Professional handling of shared customer, honest appraisals of damage.
  • Quality control during the entire process, quick response to concerns and first class repairs.
  • A calming effect of the entire repair and accident experience from the customer’s point of view.
  • Priority treatment of the customer during the entire repair experience and after.
  • Centrally located for customer convenience.
  • Reduced costs from a business standpoint. More timely repairs, resulting in reduced rental costs, elimination of delays due to mistrust.
  • Ability to market us as an increased value to your customers, which results in increased sales and value distinction of the value of policy.
  • An informal partnership with a facility that has a vested interest in the satisfaction of our “shared customer”.
  • Ability to market this relationship directly to our “shared customer”, essentially shaping the “shared customers” expectations before any needs arise.


Benefits of our Philosophy/Value Proposition to the Customer
  • Our technicians and facility have achieved I-CAR Gold Class status and ASE Blue Seal certification.
  • Hassle free repair service experience.
  • Exceptional time saver during your experience, thereby reducing stress, worry and increasing your level of trust.
  • No need to worry about getting three estimates or face any other necessary delays during the repair process.
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty available at any ASAP-Automotive Service Association Professional’s facility or DuPont AOQ facility.
  • Improved perception of the collision repair industry, allowing you to see the difference and value when selecting us to repair your vehicle.

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